women and weapons

Sale Date: 23rd October, 2021
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Launched on Dropspace
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23rd October, 2021
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The initial sale has sold out. To join the Women and Weapons Club, check out our WAW collection on OpenSea

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10,000 NFT’s

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0.05 ETH + gas

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Our Story

Women and Weapons is a collection of 10,000 diverse, beautiful, and badass women NFTs. The 200+ attributes that make up these assets were painstakingly hand-drawn by notable artist Sara Baumann a.k.a "Sparky." Each stroke was a labor of love that took months of planning to assemble. This is a chance to own a piece of her biggest and boldest art collection ever.

The pieces are a perfect harmony of her hand-drawn traits and a wizard algorithm that combines them together in ways Sara could not have possibly even conceived on her own. They were created with the desire to put together traditionally dialectic or contradictory things. For example, women aren't usually associated with weapons, but we say why not?! Women can be badass too! Women and Weapons is also much more profound than an NFT art project by an incredible artist.

It is also a vehicle through which we can pursue our mission to raise money for charity and utilize this platform to make a difference in the world. Our first step in this mission is our commitment to donate 5% of profits to the Malala Fund. This collection of powerful women NFTs will live on the Ethereum blockchain starting in October 2021.


This is an artist-centric project. You will be owning a piece of Sara’s most ambitious project to date. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun, and a make a cool plan for the future. For that reason, we have set some mint sell percentage targets for ourselves. Once the following targets are accomplished, we will commence operations to realize the associated goal.
However, before we get to them, we want to mention the most meaningful portion of our plan to us. We are committing 5% of proceeds to the Malala Fund to help girls all over the globe gain access to education so that knowledge can become their weapon. This commitment is unwavering and will take place whether we sell 1 WAW or 10,000.


Sara, our artist, girl boss, and founder, resigns from her job as an occupational therapist and realizes her childhood dream of becoming a full-time artist.


5 WAWs are released and delivered to random wallets holding at least one WAW.


One lucky WAW holder will receive a unique Sara original 1/1 piece airdropped into their wallet. 👀


Exclusive member-only merch store begins construction. It will feature gear any WAW holder would be proud to wear.


A separate Women and Weapons Patron Wallet receives initial funding of 25 ETH. We would use this wallet to attempt to create a dent in the NFT-universe and get to work purchasing/curating NFT art from talented, upcoming, global, and diverse artists to share our platform. Our long-term future goal would be to find creative ways to showcase this curation for years to come. We would welcome all holder input and collaboration on how best to accomplish this as our story unfolds!


We are a wife and husband duo. However, we couldn’t do it alone. We assembled an awesome team to bring Sara’s vision to life, and sought out the best developers, marketing, and advisors in the space.

Sara Baumann

Founder and Artist

Jake Baumann

Project Manager

Brenda Gentry

Lead NFT Advisor

Cynthia Gentry


Imani Gentry

Community Manager


Sr. Marketing Specialist


What the heck are Women and Weapons?🡢

A Collection of 10,000 diverse, beautiful, and badass women. That's what. The collection will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain sometime in October 2021! Also, 5% of profits will be going to the Malala Fund to help women all over the gain access to education and the tools to be leaders of our world. Please visit https://malala.org for more information about the charity. If you have the financial capability to do so, I also encourage you to donate to this wonderful cause on your own as well - they take crypto now! For cryptocurrency donations through The Giving Block, go here: https://malala.org/donate/cryptocurrency.

Who is the artist? 🡢

Sara Baumann, aka "Sparky". This mega-collection is her biggest and boldest vision yet. You can follow her on Twitter @NFTSaraBaumann

How do I get my virtual hands on one of these hopefully soon-to-be rapidly appreciating assets? 🡢

Women and Weapons NFTs will become available during our smart contract launch, then subsequently on OpenSea. You will want to get in before they reach the secondary marketplace if you are able. In order to provide the most safe, accessible, and seamless launch for all of our fans, we have partnered with Drop Space for our launch. You will be able to click on our mint button, which will direct you to our exclusive Drop Space page. From there, you will be able to connect your wallet and mint.

How much is the mint sale? 🡢

With the Women and Weapons Genesis Collection selling out and now moving at a floor price above what most people can afford, we really want everyone to have the chance to mint a Women and Weapons mega-collection gal. For that reason, the initial mint price will be set at 0.05 ETH. In addition, there will be a preliminary sale for our early adopters where you can attempt to avoid costly gas fees. Oh yeah, and we have come up with some creative ways to win some W&Ws too!!

What is the rarity structure of these badass women? 🡢

There are so many attributes hand-drawn by Sara, it will make your head spin. Over 200! We will be partnering with Rarity Tools as soon as possible after launch to list these in order. Much like the old days when you bought a Pokemon cards pack, crossing your fingers for a Charizard, you won't know what you get until you mint. Some W&Ws are rarer than others. Please know this "rarity" is purely for those that enjoy collecting and having some fun. It is based solely on how frequent the grouping of attributes is. We do not endorse the idea that any woman's coloring, clothing, or trait makes her better than others.

What does the future of Women and Weapons look like? 🡢

We are in this for the long-haul. Believe it or not, we already have a mind-blowing season two planned. We are also committing a portion of our secondary sales proceeds for reinvestment into future member-based community events that align with our mission of empowering women, sharing our platform, and bringing value to our collectors.

Are these part of Sara’s previous Women & Weapons genesis series?🡢

This is Sara’s Women and Weapons mega-collection. It is a completely separate and new collection inspired by Sara’s 1/1 genesis collection Women and Weapons pieces. It is her biggest and boldest project vision yet. If you are interested, you can check out her earlier genesis collection here: https://opensea.io/collection/sara-baumann

Women and Weapons will be launching on Dropspace. A premium platform for top-tier NFTs.
A DeFi Network project